Mauri Tours
 Welcome Manuhiri-Visitors
Tokotoko (Maori walking stick) Day Tour day

Papatuanuku-Earth mother and Ranginui our Sky father

Our history, the ways of our Tipuna-(Ancestors)
Our Kaitiakitanga-Guardianship-Caring for people,
land in which we occupy, respect all living things


 Kaiwhakairo Piripi-No metal machine tools




             USA-Steve and Laurie Beuhler


 Japan-Iwami and Satomi 2017 Tokotoko wedding day




3 Day Te Awa Tupuna Tour

Drift on the Awa-river currents,
highway roads used by
Maori for trading (Kai)-food,
precious taonga-(gifts) and
so much more.

Te Mauri o te Tangaroa

The life force of all waters
Listen, breath a new air
away cities, disengage totally. 
This gentle river grade 11 cultural raft
expedition is safe for families.


Dutch-Veronica and Hendrick

    Dutch-Dirke and Annie

     NZ-Miranda and Ralph




Mauri  tour recommendations

Paul J.F. Janmaat Neatherlands own HakaMan


Region of Taupo-Heart Lake Whenua of Tuwharetoa people

Indigenous -Te Mata Aho Tour-Awakening the body and mind. A very special 3 day tour package

Special acknowledgement-Your Tokotoko Guide-Kaiwakairo is a traditional master carver of wood and stone who will be presenting
what very few people will ever get to see. There are no drilling machines used on tour. If you wish to purchase gift/s or have commission work done.


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