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If you want a fly fishing experience to remember then mix your guided fly fishing package days with a flight into our remote wilderness.

We recommend you stay over night in a hut or camp out to appreciate the experience. Time literally fly's by so quickly when your having so much fun and the bonus is the scenic flight from above. Helicopter rates will vary for the differing locations.
Weight restrictions apply. All helicopter flights are river level and weather dependant.




You just can't beat being a few steps away from a  river and in amongst the wild side of New Zealand's pristine wilderness  country. No bears, No snakes, nothing to detract you from catching big  trout, relaxing under the stars and soaking in the warmth from  a bush fire.If you have a reasonable level of fitness, a sense of humour and don’t mind the rough and ready nature of tenting or staying in an outdoor hut then camp fly fishing is for you. Camping sites are short hiking distances and the pace of walk will be at your level of fitness. Stopping to fly fish along the way to huts or to campsites will occur at some locations, while other locations won't require hiking.We provide all camping equipment except sleeping bags 




Australian David Pembrey's remote fishing experience-February 2015

Thank you so much for a really fantastic experience. Your choice of venues was perfect, and this was the reason I contacted One Cast for my first "guided" fishing trip, which I shared with a fellow angler. Was it worth it – absolutely. We were consistently into big rainbows and browns in superb condition over the full three days, and all the more fun in your wonderful wild river locations. No fishing time lost due to my guides constant attention. So many top trout rivers in the Hawkes Bay area I did not want to waste time looking in vain for the right spots. Leave it to the local experts; I was not disappointed. The opportunity of a shared helicopter flight, remote camp out, the multiple river crossings all contributed to a memorable adventure (for a young 73 year old). Much caught on video too, to relive. A real bonus to my holiday was the "off the river" experience. My hosts were such lovely and fun people to be with – so welcoming and caring – nothing was too much trouble to you in making our stay as enjoyable as possible. Thanks again. I'll be back.      Best wishes David











Wanganui Collegiate, Napier Boys High introduced to a mountain, a river and then to the tail of a fish.


Transferable experiences that provide personal well being, future life style choices, environmental respect and international culture awareness.
dedicated in sharing our natural resource knowledge and guardianship with students of all nationalities.


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